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This document explains

We are Webelinx Games d.o.o. Nis, Serbia, the developer of Books of Wonder Hidden Object. Our main contact address is

We use the device identifier and we may collect or process some of your personal data.

Our game is using the device identifier (ID). The device identifier is not connected to your personally identifiable information and it is not associated with any other persistent device identifier without your explicit consent.

If you use our game, we do not require that you leave any personal data, nor are we processing the data. You can play the game without logging in or providing personal information to us. If the device you are using allows it, we would be able to collect information such as the IP address, browser, domain name, time of access and location. This information will be used solely for the purpose of analyzing our players’ behavior (for example, the number of downloads from a specific geolocation, average time spent in the game). The information we collect cannot be traced back to a specific user nor used to identify you. We do not collect, handle or transmit personal or sensitive data, including personally identifiable information, authentication information, your name and address, the phone book or contact data, microphone and camera sensor data, nor sensitive device data. You do not share other sensitive information by playing our game.  So, you can safely use our game, and be sure that by using it, you cannot be identified. Also, your identity, as well as your personal, financial, and payment information cannot be violated. We do not store your data.

Here is the list of data we may just collect and process:

You don’t have to share personal data with us, but if you contact us of your own will, you will share your name and email address data with us. You can contact us through the in-game form Report the Problem or by sending us an email at the main contact address.  We will use this information only for the purpose of answering your request. We will not store this information on our servers or transmit it, in any way other than how we treat other correspondence with our clients and business partners. We do not further process any user personal data received during such correspondence, except for particular correspondence or activities derived from it.

The only data we may share with our partners – ad networks and similar entities, is the device identifier, which would be shared solely for the purpose of direct marketing, under the legitimate interest, and with ensuring that such sharing is not done in a manner which is beyond reasonable and widespread, in a relationship established by you using our game. Some of these partners may be located in countries outside of the EU, but as stated above, the only information possibly shared with them is the device identifier, which is associated solely with your device, and not with your identity or other personal data in any other way.

Here is the list of our partners ad networks,  so you can check or opt-out of sharing your data through their Privacy Policy forms: 

We will keep your personal data only for as long as necessary for the realization of the aforementioned purpose(s) of the personal data processing or until a withdrawal of consent for the processing of the personal data. In this case, consent is the legal basis for the particular processing, and the person to whom the particular personal data relates decides to withdraw their previously provided consent. If consent is the legal basis for personal data processing in the particular case, we will, in the case of its withdrawal, terminate the processing upon the respective withdrawal, unless there is another statutory ground for the particular processing.

In case you are under the age of 16, you are required to inform us immediately by using the contact information available below, so that appropriate action is taken to ensure legitimate processing of any kind of your data.

You have the right to submit a request for access, correction or deletion of your data. In case of deletion you lose your User Ids and your account(s) if you had one (some), as well as the option to use the game on different devices if you had this option. We will gladly and efficiently handle any such request, in full respect of your rights. If you are not satisfied with how your request is handled, in some cases you could be entitled to file a request to the competent authority as well.

If you wish to opt out from personalized direct marketing which is done under legitimate interest as elaborated above, you are entitled to do so, by clicking the following link: Opt out of Ads Personalization . Using this link may lead to a follow-up correspondence requiring you to provide additional personal information to certify you are entitled to claim this right. Once your request is confirmed as valid, the opt-out will be made effective within 10 to 15 working days.

If you are a resident of the State of California and the California Consumer Protection Act could apply, you are entitled to opt out from the usage of your device’s Advertising Identifier by clicking the following link: Do Not Sell My Data . Using this link may lead to a follow-up correspondence requiring you to provide additional personal information to certify you are entitled to claim this right. Once your request is confirmed as valid, the opt-out will be made effective within 10 to 15 working days.

For any personal data-related question, request, or complaint, we invite you to contact us at:

Webelinx Games d.o.o.
Nis, Aleksandra Medvedeva bb, Serbia